It never ceases to amaze me when some people show their stupidity. The latest example is the demonstrators at Wall Street and other locations throughout the country. Have you listened to what some of them are saying and the signs that are presented? Do they have any idea about how an economy works? Obviously, they don’t.


If results were all equal while dedication and hard work made no difference, then why would some individuals work harder than others? The pilgrims tried this and starved. When they initially landed here, everything was co owned and the products of labor was equally divided. It made no difference how much individuals contributed, the results were divided equally. Only when individuals were provided the opportunity to reap the benefits of their labor did the pilgrims succeed and grow. That was the first example of the failure of socialism.


The latest demonstrations are being embraced by the left as an example of the true feelings on the population. In many cases, they are being portrayed as the Tea Party of the left. If I recall, the Tea Party held demonstrations on weekends when working people could assemble and not lose time from their jobs. They had a specific message about limited government, lower taxes, and fewer regulations. When the demonstrations were over, they policed up the area. The current demonstrations much like other demonstrations from the left leave the areas in total disarray and require taxpayers to fund the bill to clean them up. There are messages, but they are confusing since just about every leftist group participates.


In Greece, the demonstrators are up in arms about the government trying to bring unaffordable benefits under some type of control. Could that be in our future? Unfortunately, I think that it could happen unless we start to control our own spending. Most people realize that one can not spend more money than one earns. Going into debt for a home is understandable as long as the debt is manageable. Our parents and grandparents did that, but they also made sure that the debt was something that they could afford on a monthly basis.


We are almost at the point where more people receive benefits from the government than those who contribute to the government through taxes. Our founding fathers cautioned about this and predicted that chaos would ensue if non producers could demand money from producers through the ballot. We see this in parts of Europe and if nothing is done to stop it, we will see this in the USA.


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  1. Great article. FYI, Col. Myers is the author of “Leadership Defined,” a wonderful book.
    I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)
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    • Charon says:

      Yes Mr. Hall, The Col is a great guy. I have a copy of his book. Good read even for an Old Devil Doc with Kilo3/7, Class of 67-68.
      Semper Fi

      Will check out your book. Thanks for the info

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