The Hypercritical Lying president, obama!

Once again the lying Socialist in the White House has flipped flopped. The American public was not grown up enough to see the cleaned up body of the Number One Terrorist, Osama bin Laden after he was killed by the Americans of Seal Team Six.  Not one picture. Not even his body, that should have been soaked in pigs blood and sewn into a pig skin slipping beneath the waves has ever been released because it “might offend the poor sensitive Americans” according to the Socialist in Charge, Comrade obama. Bull shit.

Americans are used to seeing dead bodies. What child has not look at a history book from years ago and has not seen the horrors of war? Look at any picture of war from the Civil war to the current war and you will see mangled, bloodied, amputated bodies of both civilians and military troops. American’s are well aware what war results in… death and carnage.

Yet Comrade obama has to play the part of a daddy and shield our eyes from the one body that all Americans want to see. If for no other reason then to convince themselves that obama is not telling yet another of his famous lies.

Show the pictures of Osama Bin Laden, and show Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead!

Better check this picture fast. For some reason they are disappearing from the web fast. Not that comrade obama and his traitors would have anything to do with it.

Time for a change in government in Washington before our country is lost.

In other news, obama has let thousand of shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles find their way into the hands of the enemies of Israel. So much for securing these weapons that can and will be used to take out Israeli helicopters and jets.  They also stole anti-aircraft artillary and other weapons. Another plan by obama to let his muslim swine brothers destroy one of our oldest allies.

Time for a revolution in this country to take our country back! Down with the obama administration. Vote, or…

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