How to fail before you even start

How to fail before you even start

by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace


Anyone interested in the truth, can find myriads of stories featuring compelling leaders that fell on the garbage dump of history for one simple reason. Charismatic motivators of history could move the masses to some very interesting events simply with their oral communications skills. The French revolution was a perfect example. Deposing their king was the first step on the French social failure.


When the French through over their king their revolutionary leaders were promising equality for all. Their revolution was nothing more than a national mob rule that got out of hand. No one in the masses had ever thought about what they wanted in place of their king. Who would make and enforce the rules of their society. How would they provide for education, commerce, finance, food, clothing, shelter for the masses, or the needs of everyday life, health, and happiness?


Individuals with a desire to play at being god will always fill the vacuum of lack of fore thought. In the turmoil of French society’s distruction and complete reconstruction, mob rule became the norm. Even today, close to 300 years later the nation of France is nothing more than a third rate nation with a national population suffering the insults of the rest of the world for their bungling incompetence.


When the colonies that would evolve into the United States wanted to throw off the restrictive shackles of a king that wanted to control their everyday lives, they took the time to “think” about what would follow. They established a constitution that would provide for a governmental structure to help a new nation to grow and prosper. This new constitution provided for individual to take personal responsibility for their own lives, and the freedom to make their own choices for their own well being. If an individual wanted more, then they took the personal responsibility and worked more.


Unfortunately there have always been a few individuals that could never make it through life on their own, but could to convince others to take care of them. Their names are famous in the history of western civilization; Vladimir Linen, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong. Now Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin are providing the guiding lights for Obama, the Democrat Party, and the rabble mob demanding random unknowns from Wall Street.


If allowed to continue, Obama and the Democrat Party, will destroy everything Americans have built over the past 300 years. The choice is simple. Follow the occupier’s thoughtless lead and condem your children to a life of a lower standard of living. Think for yourself and you will understand that a mob can only tear down and destroy, but never build anything that requires thought and planning.


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