Think back to 2009 when a little known republican who had been Speaker of the House in Florida challenged a popular Florida Republican Governor for the senate seat in the United States. His chances were gauged as slim and none. He had little money and not much name recognition and yet he persisted. The more that people heard him speak and listened to what he had to say, the more popular that he became. As the primary election approached for the senate seat, the popular governor changed parties and decided to run as an independent. Even then, Marco Rubio was the underdog because those in the know predicted that the independents and many democrats would choose Governor Charlie Crist. They were wrong. Rubio won big.

Herman Cain is a businessman who has never held elective office and yet he has moved up dramatically in the polls for the republican presidential nominee. How can that be? The one thing that he has in his favor is that he doesn’t talk political language and as a result most people understand what he is saying. He put forth his 999 program to revamp our tax code and it has been received favorably by a large percentage of the voters. Unexpectedly, he won the straw poll in Florida and has been on just about every TV station and news program.

Once again, those in the know predict that he will not last because he does not have the organization ability throughout the country and he does not have enough money to continue the challenge. Tell that to the people who are being polled. He remains as either number one or two.

Rubio won because he connected with the people and it appears that Cain is doing the same. Some say that since he has never been in government, he will not understand how it works if he were elected president. We have been using career politicians for years and how has that worked for us? Mr Cain has been an executive in numerous companies and he always improved their outcome.

As he becomes more popular, the elite establishment in Washington have increased their attacks. He is not only a non politician, but he wants to revamp the tax system that is the well of power and control in the government. That makes him a threat to the establishment. It will be fascinating to watch how all of this plays out during the next several months. Much like Rubio, Cain may surprise everyone.


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