The Slow, Steady Crawl Of Islamic Law Into U.S. Courts.

Our failing court system is permitting the slow crawl of Shina law into our court system and no one seems to mind. This is likened to the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike. One court opens the crack and lets the muslims get their way into our legal system, next thing you know the crack expands.

I thought we had a court system. It may not be perfect, but it is far better than the radical sharia law the muslims insist on forcing upon us. When is the government in Washington going to say enough is enough? Next thing you know the flood gates will be open and we all will be subjected to sharia law. It has to stop now.

Here is another case in point.

Tampa: Use of Islamic law OK in civil case

Yes, it’s a civil case. Still, it opens the door farther to the use of a legal system that contains coercive and oppressive elements that infringe upon the rights of women and non-Muslims, and restrict the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience. An update on this story. “Use of Islamic law OK in civil case, judge rules,” by José Patiño Girona for the Tampa Tribune, October 25:

A state appeals court has ruled that a Hillsborough County Circuit judge can consider Islamic law to decide a civil case between a mosque and its former trustees.

The decision by the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Lakeland to decline the appeal of the Islamic Education Center of Tampa sends the case back to Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Richard A. Nielsen. Nielsen’s decision in March to allow the case to proceed under “ecclesiastical Islamic law” drew national attention when the ruling was criticized by conservative bloggers.

The case has its roots in 2002, when the mosque ousted four of its founding members; those founding members later sued the mosque. One of the main issues of dispute was who would be responsible for how to spend $2.5 million Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise had paid the mosque for 3.4 acres needed to widen Veterans Expressway.

Read more here: Tampa: Use of Islamic law OK in civil case

These Liberal judges have got to be removed from the bench! Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Richard A. Nielsen should be removed now before more damage can be permitted.

Islamic law imposed on U.S. citzens.



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