It Just Keeps Getting Better

obama’s Administration continues to pull dirt onto it’s slimy corpse with more information

The King Rat, obama

on the dirty little Solyndra bail out. Wonder how none of the rat’s in King Rat obama missed this little detail that the executive received quarterly bonuses of up to $60,000.00 per quarter this year prior to going bankrupt! It just keeps getting better and better. There certainly does appear to be an awful lot of corruption in high places.

Why is there no outcry for this whole administration, including King Rat obama to be impeached? Better yet, run them out of the country off a cliff and into the ocean and let the country get back on the correct path. Not his socialist agenda!

Once again the American Taxpayer gets raped and shafted by obama.

Solyndra Execs Reaped Bonuses Before Bankruptcy

Soyndra executives were awarded quarterly bonuses worth up to $60,000 apiece earlier this year as the California solar-panel company headed for bankruptcy, court documents show.

Documents filed by the company in U.S. bankruptcy court in Delaware show the well-paid executives at the firm were given bonuses in April and in July, just months before the company filed for bankruptcy in September and laid off 1,100 workers.

The details add to the narrative of what was happening behind the scenes in the year leading up to the company’s financial collapse, though congressional Republicans investigating the matter are looking for more details. After the Obama administration turned over 20,000 pages of documents earlier this week pertaining to Solyndra, House Republicans on Thursday night served the White House and vice president’s office with a subpoena for more Solyndra documents.


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