Before we go any further, let’s define ignorance so that many will not be confused. It is the lack of knowledge or education. We have seen countless individuals who were extremely intelligent, but were ignorant of facts. Examples of this are reported on a routine basis. I am always amazed at some of the comments from our elected officials. They may be educated, but as a group they are the most ignorant group in the country. What makes it worse is that they think that they are so smart.
Any time that tax reductions are debated, the left always talks about how difficult it will be for the government to perform with less revenue. That is the epitome of ignorance. Any time that tax rates are reduced in any country, revenues for the government increase. That occurs because the economy grows. More people have jobs, there is less incentive to hide income or cheat, and people move assets from less earning and non taxable programs to higher earning and taxable programs. Look what happens each time the government reduces the taxes on capital gains. People who have been sitting on assets decide to cash them in. Guess what? They don’t put that money under their mattress, they either spend it or reinvest it.
One of the debates about our current financial problem talks about our troops involved in Iraq and Afghanistan and how much it has cost and will continue to cost. The left says that “X” billions will be saved when we end the war. What they fail to appreciate is that a major portion of that cost was for the pay of personnel. If we had not been at war those costs for personnel would still be paid. Training is expensive, but being unprepared for combat is even more expensive. It took years following Pearl harbor before we were able to overcome Germany and Japan. Five years later, we needed to borrow LSTs from Japan in order to ferry troops to fight in Korea.
Any time that our potential enemies sense that we are weak, they make unexpected moves to challenge us. The attack on Korea in 1950 was one example. The seizure of our embassy in Iran and the capture of our personnel was another example. Only when a new president was elected who was perceived as being more likely to act were the captives released. The attack on Kuwait by Iraq was another example of a potential enemy believing that we were weak and would do nothing. I personally believe that Saddam Hussein was totally shocked when we attacked because he believed that we did not have the guts and the leadership to do what was right. He had taunted the entire coalition for years and refused to abide by countless UN edicts. He fully thought that France and Russia would prevent the US from acting. He was wrong and paid the price.
Look what is happening today. Venezuela rails against our country and attempts to create havoc in the area, Iran continues to support our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan with impunity. North Korea refuses to negotiate and makes demands while attacking South Korea with submarines and artillery.
That is just a sample of countries that have apparently lost respect for our country and its ability to protect its own interests.
On the home front, our congress sits on its hands and refuses to pass a budget. Excessive spending continues even as the Keynesian theory of spending fails. The left led by our president remain ignorant about how to run an economy even though examples are quite evident from the 60’s and 80’s. Their ignorance is appalling and it is costing us dearly in many different ways throughout the world. Ignorance is not bliss, it is stupid.

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