Pelosi Strikes Again

I was listening to a Pelosi interview by Maria Bartiromo regarding the NRLB suit against Boeing’s plant in SC. First a few facts:
1. There is no transfer of employees or loss of jobs in the Seattle facility
2. The SC plant will build a new line of planes here and also will expand the plant in WA
3. The NLRB did not object as the SC plant was being built
4. The NLRB did not object when 1000 employees were hired
5. The employees in NC overwhelmingly voted not to join a union and was once unionized before employees chose to exercise their rights to become union-free
6. The NLRB sued Boeing
In the interview, Pelosi was asked if the government has any business in determining where a private company decides to build and produce. She responded that it did.

She was then asked how the government could put 1000 workers out of work. She responded all Boeing had to do was to unionize the plant (in other words, reject the workers right to choose).

In this simple conversation, it is obvious that this corrupt administration will use any abuse of authority and power to burden companies with unions, regardless of competitiveness or free choice. The reason is very simple; union dues that go to their re-election and election of like-minded liberals.

It should be no surprise that Obama has traveled to the G20, arm in arm, with the president of SEIU, the union that pulls his strings.

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