On The Road To War… Again?

It would appear that the obama administration is start to plot a coarse for possible U.S. involvement into another dirty little war in the name of oil. It is just a matter of time before obama calls for  boots on the ground or airstrike to protect the citizens of Nigeria from the radical muslims.

Of course it will be called a humanitarian mission, as he always does. Interesting that Nigeria just happens to have oil, which we of course need. How many Americans will have to die in this hell hole of country? Does anyone remember our last foray into Africa? A dirty little place called Somalia, as in Black Hawk Down fame?

If obama does commit U.S. military assistance does he really think it will improve our relations with the countries of Africa, especially those that are mulim of which Nigeria is one? All this will do is give more ammunition for the radical muslim extremist to bring more death and destruction to U.S. Forces, and just possibly to American soil.

This country needs to learn to say out of these wars. All that we do is gather more ill will towards America. We never have a plan for a decisive win, just to muddy the waters and risk lives.

 US: Bomb attacks possible in Nigeria capital

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — A radical Muslim sect responsible for attacks that left more than 100 people dead in northeast Nigeria this week could bomb three luxury hotels frequented by foreigners in the oil-rich nation’s capital, the U.S. Embassy warned Sunday.

The unusually specific warning from U.S. diplomats identified possible targets of the sect known locally as Boko Haram as the Hilton, Nicon Luxury and Sheraton hotels. Those hotels draw diplomats, politicians and Nigeria’s business elite daily in the country’s central capital of Abuja.

The embassy said the attack may come as Nigeria celebrates the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha and that its diplomats and staff had been instructed to avoid those hotels.

Deb MacLean, an embassy spokeswoman, declined to offer further details about the threat or the source of the information Sunday.

The warning came as a Nigerian Red Cross official said Sunday that more than 100 died in a series of attacks in northeast Nigeria launched by the radical Muslim sect, as sect gunmen shot and killed another police officer.

Ibrahim Bulama told The Associated Press he expected the number of dead to rise as local clinics and hospitals tabulate the casualty figures from the attacks Friday in Damaturu, the capital of rural Yobe state.

While the hard-hit city remained calm and its Muslim inhabitants celebrated a religious holiday Sunday, army and police units manned roadblocks leading into the town and streets remained largely quiet, Bulama said.

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