obama Must Be Smoking Again.

For once I have agree 100% with the Afgans. We are wasting time, money and most importantly lives in that shit hole of country. The very idea of trying to win the hearts of minds of a vicious and ruthless radical muslim terrorist group is absurd. That would be like trying to talk to Hitler during the Second World War.

Our current administration is walking down the Yellow Brick Road if they think anything we do is going to change the minds of the leaders of the Haqqani network of terrorist. obama must be smoking again, and it ain’t tobacco!

Afghans: Obama wasting time talking to terrorists

A group of senior Afghan lawmakers says the Obama administration is wasting its time in trying to make peace with the Haqqani Network, a Pakistan-based terrorist group U.S. officials have accused of killing Americans and attacking the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.

Washington should instead increase pressure on Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency to cut its ties to the Haqqanis, withhold millions of dollars of aid to Islamabad and attack the militants in their safe havens, the lawmakers told The Washington Times this week.

The Haqqani Network, which is led by Sirajuddin Haqqani and operates from Pakistan’s North Waziristan province, is supported by the ISI, according to Afghan and Western officials. Pakistani officials deny these accusations.

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