Eric Holder, Idiot Of The Year!

Eric Holder is such and idiot. He should be boiled alive gun oil. What stupidity. Will we ever b e free of him?

AG Eric Holder blames Congress for flow of illegal guns into

Eric Holder: Idiot of the year!


( — The Obama administration has warned that the US is “losing the battle” to stem the flow of weapons from American guns shops to Mexican drug cartels responsible for tens of thousands of killings, and gunowner’s representatives in Congress are partially to blame.

The U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder, told a Senate hearing that Congress is in part to blame because of its hostility to gun control, even going so far as to try and block federal law enforcement agencies from requiring gun shops to report multiple sales of automatic weapons.

Holder described as “flawed” American attempts to break the cycle, in which the profits from selling illegal drugs in the US are used to buy guns that are shipped across the Mexican border to the cartels which use them to protect their operations.

“We are losing the battle to stop the flow of illegal guns to Mexico,” said Holder.

The attorney general said that federal authorities suffer from a “lack of effective enforcement tools” including tougher legislation to prosecute gun traffickers and funding for teams of agents to combat weapons smuggling.

Tighter laws are opposed by the National Rifle Association gun lobby, which wields considerable influence in Congress, as infringements on the constitutional right to bear arms.

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