Proves My Point: Congress Is Failing America

Breaking News in from Fox News. This government is so out of touch with American voters that it needs to be disposed of. Every politician that is in office needs to be ousted from the Capital in the next two election cycles. Keep not one of them. They are worse than useless.

They continue to show gross disrespect for voter by rejecting a balanced budget amendment AGAIN. What will it take to make them ALL understand. We do not want a “business as usual government?!

House Rejects Balanced Budget Amendment

A proposed constitutional amendment that would require Congress to balance the budget failed in the House Friday, capping a months-long campaign by congressional conservatives to build support for the measure.

The proposed balanced budget amendment, in a 261-165 vote, won a majority in the House. But the amendment needed a two-thirds majority — or 284 votes — to pass.

Though a few Republicans voted against the proposal, GOP leaders blamed the Democrats for scuttling the measure.

The Time Has Come:

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