Atheists Are Going To Far.

Atheists continue to win hearts and minds of nation — By opposing efforts of veterans and war widows to erect a cross at a military base. The Daily Caller‘s Caroline May reports: “An atheist group is demanding a 13-foot cross, erected at Camp Pendleton by an independent group of Iraq War veterans and two Marine widows, be removed out of concerns that it makes non-Christians in the military feel like ‘second class citizens.’ Jason Torpy of Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), the group which has been at the forefront of a fight against the cross, told The Daily Caller that MAAF is trying to protect the separation of church and state and ensure the military is inclusive of all beliefs. ‘It’s an important message that we certainly respect veterans because we are veterans and we have active duty personnel,’ Torpy said. ‘They can have a war memorial — that is fine. But if it is a Christian memorial, it needs to be on private land. That is the long and the short of it.'”

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Scott Radetski, 49, left, a retired Navy chaplain; Marine Staff Sgt. Justin Rettenberger; and Gunnery Sgt. Josue Magana, 32, erect a cross atop a hill at Camp Pendleton.


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