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Christmas is a time for families and preparing for the end of one year and the beginning of the new one.  Children wait for the day that they can open presents under the tree.  The younger children go to various places to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they desire for Christmas.  The adults look for super sales from the department stores and hope for the future.


Since we have troops in numerous countries throughout the world, they will miss much of the festivities that occur.  Even in combat, we tried to do something special on Christmas.  I recall one year in Vietnam when we took a scrub bush and decorated it with various items such as cartridges and empty cans.  It was a far cry from a Christmas tree, but it was good for the spirit.


This year, I had the opportunity to be with my wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren for Christmas.  Nothing can beat that.  Thinking back over the years, I spent numerous holidays out of the country and missed birthdays, and anniversaries.  I recall telling my wife before we were married that I probably would be gone half of the time.  The first eight years were worse than that, but we had a lot of honeymoons.


Some of my family went to Epcot for a day.  At one of the displays, a choir sang Christmas carols and that was followed by an explanation of Hanukah.  Where else in the world would that occur?  That is just a small example of the freedom that exists in this country.  A small percentage of our population ensures that we maintain our freedom and many of them are serving out of our country with a large percentage being in harms way.


One of the benefits of these days is that the typical 24/7 political blah, blah, blah has abated.  The president is out of the country, and congress is taking its vacation.  Too bad that these people can’t stay on vacation.  It seems that any time they are in session or on the stump, we get the bill.  They refuse to believe that we do not have any more money.


The new year is looming and we wonder what it will hold.  Personally, I think that it will be much like 2011.  The middle east will continue to boil, North Korea will probably do something stupid in order for Kim Jong UN to show his leadership, European countries will continue to move toward the abyss, and our country will continue to spend recklessly.  The president recently asked congress to approve an increase of 1.2 trillion dollars in our debt limit.


Thank goodness that we do have a break at this time.  Too bad that it can not last longer and perhaps elected officials would be able to see what is happening in the real world and not in Washington DC.


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