Just What We Need… More Laws!

5) If the meteor doesn’t get you in 2012, the 40,000 new state laws sure will — Welcome to 2012! Between the time you left your house and arrived at work, you probably became a felon. TheDC’s David Martosko explains:

“In 1925 it would have taken you 12 days to read all the United States’ federal laws and regulations if you plowed through about 200 pages per day. Today that same task would take you three years. You can thank the 5,000 pages of Obamacare and Dodd–Frank for the extra 25 days of study.

“And none of this even counts state laws, of which we now have 40,000 new flavors. Utah has banned Happy Hour. Illinois motorcyclists can now run red lights if they don’t change quickly enough. And if you want to drive a golf cart in Georgia, it simply must have a horn.”

A horn?? Why not a cool feature like going faster than 15 miles an hour? Besides, last time I checked, you could just yell from a golf cart. Horns are for sissies.


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