The first two Republican primaries in the republican proved to be rather interesting.  A sizeable percentage of voters still did not know who they would vote for the day of the election.  How can that be?  Is it that they did not pay attention or is it that they lied?  I find it interesting that it takes so long to determine who one would want to make decisions about their lives.  Trying to decide what flavor ice cream one wants to eat is significantly different than selecting the most powerful individual in the world.  If one waits until the final day to decide,then they are truly not paying attention.

I know people are busy, but most of the individuals who are seeking the republican nomination have not been living in a cave for the past number of years.  Mitt Romney ran for president last time.  Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House.  Rick Perry has been governor of Texas for over a decade.  Ron Paul has been in congress for decades and ran for president the last time.  Finally,  Rick Santorum was a senator from Pennsylvania.  Some of these are more familiar than others, but finding out the exact positions of each is not difficult.

Apparently there are some voters who are single issue voters in that they have one key issue and if a candidate does not agree with them on that issue, he is toast.  I disagree with that premise.  there are too many issues for one to be absolute.  We have the economy, national security, spending, taxes, abortion, the debt, the environment, judges, education, illegal emigration, health care, welfare, the middle east, and numerous others.  I have an opinion on each of them, but I doubt that any one candidate will agree with me on all of them.  I select the one who agrees with me on most of them.

Unfortunately, it seems that we are producing more and more citizens who expect the government to provide everything to them and guarantee that they will never need to struggle.  Listen to those individuals who are demonstrating in many cities.  They want free education and many other things that need to be earned.  I see signs in various businesses in my area seeking new employees.  I suspect that those jobs are not what many truly want, but they are honest work that provides money until the economy turns around.

It is well past the time that we return to our roots and look at work as a method to improve our lives.  Most of us have hit bumps in the road during our lives because of changing jobs, moving, or our employers moving.  Anyone who has not had that experience is quite lucky.  No one can convince me that this country is not the greatest country in history.  There is nothing that we can not do when we put our minds to it.  I recently came across a short film that showed Ford producing a B-24 every 58 minutes in the early 1940s.  That was a four engine bomber about the size of the B-27.  The major roadblocks to our fantastic abilities to perform are government regulations not the inability of Americans.

It also is time to pay attention to what is truly happening in our country and demand that our government stop the excessive spending and put our house in order.  Each day the government is looking a new projects to spend money.  We are broke.  Wake up and stop.


Col. Myers is the author of Leadership Defined.



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