More Lies, No Flip-Flops, No, I Didn’t Know From obama!

Neither the King Rat or his court jester and mouth piece, Jay Carney just can’t get their stories straight. Once again, King Rat looks like the giant hypocrite that he is by aiding in the illegal shark kill!

President Obama purchased lunch at a San Francisco restaurant that serves shark fin soup, after signing a law last month that protects sharks from being harvested for their fins.

King Rats usual position

White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Friday that Mr. Obama didn’t know the controversial soup was on the menu when he made a surprise visit Thursday to the Great Eastern restaurant in Chinatown. Mr. Obama was in the midst of a fundraising trip on the West Coast.

Right Jay, like no one from the White House, Homeland Security, FBI or Secret Service every went into the restaurant before obama just happened to drop in for lunch! And I suppose next you are going to tell me obama drives a Volt. Buy the way Jay, does your King EVER stay in Washington or is he always on the campaign trail?

I had a dream...

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