Profile of Washington Suicide Bomber

It doesn’t take a genius to figure a little more info then the press is releasing about the many who was “captured” (actually under FBI control) as a SUSPECT(despite he was

Amine El Khalifi - Terrorist Suspect

caught wearing the suicide vest) in the Capitol suicide attack plot yesterday. The press appears to have a problem saying what in all probably is that El Khalifi IS A muslim.

I wonder why the nobama administration’s Justice Department, you know Honest Eric Holder, FBI and Capital Police have a problem with the word MUSILIM when it comes to acts of terrorism? Oh, that’s right, muslims have friends in VERY HIGH PLACES in this progressive socialistic administration.

Let us explore the know facts:

Religion in Morocco is Islam + name is Amine El Khalifi + illegal alien (not immigrant) + wearing a vest he believed was full of al Qaeda-supplied explosives + carrying weapons EQUALS RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST! Plain and Simple!

And yet, despite this simple equation, he is just another misunderstander of the peaceful religion of islam! When is the corrupt Justice Department under the infamous leadership of Eric Holder going to wise up to the world. Islam wants to destroy the world as we know it and will do everything it can to make their conquest a reality.

If El Khalifi did intend “to use a weapon of mass destruction against property owned and used by the United States, intending to detonate a bomb and to shoot people,” why isn’t he charged as an attempted terrorist act and made eligible for the death penalty?  “El Khalifi allegedly expressed agreement with a statement by the individual that the “war on terrorism” was a “war on Muslims” and said the group needed to be ready for war, according to the affidavit.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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