America Is Fighting Back!

Thanks to Scotty Stanrnes’s Blog.

Most Americans, except for those in nobama administration have learned to fight back. They are refusing to become sheep, especially when it comes to air travel. Two followers of the peaceful religion of islam were “subdued” by passengers on a flight to Houston after they refused to put out an electric cigarette and began screaming “allah is great”

Of course, TSA and police say they were taken off the plane as it made an emergency landing back in Portland for “refusing to obey the no smoking rule”. I guess it would have been a violation of their free speech right to remove them for shouting “allah is great”!

And Big Sister, Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Insecurity screams it was “NOT A SECURITY ISSUE”. We wouldn’t want to offend this muslim trash would we?

We need all the sheepdogs we can get. Two thumbs up for the passengers for bringing these two down. Off course the feds will play the old game of catch and release, just like they do on the borders.



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