Why We Need Welfare.

Whyz we nedz wellfair? Iz gonna tells yos!

Wes nedz them cheks 2 keep a’coming. Hozs else we gonna gets all the frees stuf we nedz? Prase B 2 obama and hiz kinds. Howz my babydaddies gonna gets me stuff? Weese nedz mo free shiats! Gonna shout out to my bros and cuzins on my governments free apple phoneze and tell thems to chckouts this videoo. Its imponent 4 all themz 2 Cs it! Ifs notin elze, i can sellz this shiat and gets me somes mo chrom rimz 4 the Escalade my cuzin founds in the street. Nice themz peoples to levez them keys in its. C’s ya, gots to getz back a  works or my babydaddies gonna bitch slaps me, he shz Izs late with myz cheks.. Then hez gonna calz me a damed Ho!

You go girl. Kepz mys cheks flowing soes we can continues to support thems cauzes!

I agree 100% with the socialist comrade Jarrett. Those checks do indeed stimulate the economy… beer and malt liquor sales. Crack and marijuana sales and the drug cartels. Expensive chrome rim industry, of course they are made in China, but who cares. And you have to buy french fries for all those of single parents out of marriage children.

Of course we don’t anyone to have to actually work for this. No, that would be expecting way  to much to expect from this selfish generation. And of course the government is more than happy  to spend China’s money to buy it. Is this a great country or what!

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