obama, Shut The Hell Up!

Taliban’s Response to Obama’s Apology: ‘Kill Them, Beat Them, Take Them as Prisoners’

Every time obama opens his yap to any event that gets the muslims upset, he makes the situation worse. He needs to stop apologizing for every that happens to these terrorist. Now he has inflamed these radical extremists even further, despite his THREE PAGE apology to Afghan President Hamid Kharzai over U.S. troops mistakenly burning some Qur’ans.

These followers of the religion of peace can’t even understand that by their book, it is against islamic law to write in the Qur’an! That is how ignorant these blood thirsty killers are. Now nobama has stirred up their hunger for violence even more. When will learn to shut his farking mouth?

We, in this country need to protest outside of every islamic countries embassy over the muslims killing of all of the 911 Victims, the American contractors that they killed, dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge. No, now a word of apology.

(CNSNews.com) – In the wake of President Barack Obama sending a three-page letter to Afghan President Hamid Kharzai, apologizing for U.S. forces having mistakenly burned some Qur’ans at a U.S. air base in Afghanistan, the Taliban is calling on Muslims to kill Americans or beat them and take them as prisoners.

 The call for violence against U.S. troops in Afghanistan came as Muslims in South Asia and elsewhere prepared for Friday prayers–a potentially volatile time.

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