SANDRA FLUKE: nobama’s Bought And Paid For Girl.

Received this from an old friend (as in long time) Al:



FNN’s Bill O’Reilly’s sleuthing team has traced the gal who played center stage during the recent “free” contraception controversy, Sandra Fluke, directly back to Obama’s former Communications Director, Anita Dunn. One will recall that Dunn was the gal who helped develop the plans to keep Obama shielded from any cross examination by the media during the 2008 campaign. Dunn was caught on a European video bragging about who her team had duped the U.S. media during the campaign. Dunn is also a committed Mao Tse Tung supporter and managing Director of SKDKnickerbocker which is a communications consulting firm with Democrat Party ties.

In a somewhat ironic twist of events, Anita Dunn was able to turn a major problem for Obama into a short term win for the President (see paragraph below). For example, when Obama waded into the Catholic Church’s contraceptives beliefs by mandating that the Church’s health insurance policies for employees cover female contraceptive devices, the President’s polling among women too a nose dive. However, Dunn was able to spin this downward slide by getting Sandra Fluke to testify before a Congressional committee and make the plea that women’s health would benefit from “free” contraceptives. In short, Dunn spun the controversy away from an entitlement expansion and a religious infringement into an attempt by the GOP to endanger women’s health by denying the requirement for insurance companies to provide “free” contraceptives to women……….no mention of men’s contraceptives by the way!!!!!!!!!

But, Anita Dunn’s conquest may have been short lived. It only took a couple of days for FNN and O’Reilly to take Dunn’s spin routine apart. O’Reilly’s recent Talking Points memo connected the dots between Sandra Fluke and Anita Dunn (see video at the link below).

Also, I noticed that Obama’s bump up in the Rasmussen polls during the start of the Sandra Fluke controversy had slid 5 points downward to 44% Approval / 54% Disapproval last Saturday. These results tie some of the lowest Approval and highest Disapproval levels for Obama since his election.

Here’s a link to O’Reilly’s Talking Points memo from last Friday night. Worth the listen:

And see Megyn Kelly’s response.



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