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Time To Spice Up Facebook, Your Blog and Twitter Accounts! Get Read By Big Sister Janet.

According to the British Daily Mail Online and our friend Scotty over at Scotty Starnes’s Blog if you use specific i.e. “sensitive” works in your Facebook or Twitter account, or you blog, chances are you will get hits from the … Continue reading

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Just how stupid can our government get?

Just how stupid can our government get? Well, he is a very good example. All together now, Fast and Furious Did NOT happen ILLEGALLY!   ATF Loosens Restrictions on Gun Sales to Foreigners Monday, December 26, 2011 The Obama administration … Continue reading

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Is The Time Right For Some Arrests In D.C.?

With the White House’s usual back door Friday document dump come more information about the infamous Fast & Furious gun scandal. This is ongoing scandal that King Rat obama and the ever lying Attorney General, Eric Holder seem to know … Continue reading

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