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More Words To Us Every Day.

Here is a partial list of some of the new “dirty” words that you can’t write or say because they upset His Poppas Ass nobama and the Department of Homeland Un-Security. Thanks to Animal and Scotty Starnes’s Blog DHS Media … Continue reading

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Profile of Washington Suicide Bomber

It doesn’t take a genius to figure a little more info then the press is releasing about the many who was “captured” (actually under FBI control) as a SUSPECT(despite he was caught wearing the suicide vest) in the Capitol suicide … Continue reading

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Must Be Getting Near Election Time.

Once again the FBI has just uncovered another terror plot in the nations capital. Amazing how they can make an arrest just when the election are approaching. Amazing how Big Sister Janet (Napolitano) just said we are safer now! Terror … Continue reading

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Militia Members Plotted To Kill Federal Officials

Prosecutors: Militia Members Plotted To Kill Federal Officials Men Plotted To Use Ricin, Officials Say Posted: 6:39 pm EDT November 1, 2011Updated: 7:12 pm EDT November 1, 2011 ATLANTA (CNN) — Federal agents charged four Georgia men they say are … Continue reading

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Russian Spies Got (?) Close To Cabinet. Wonder Who Else?

How much are you willing to bet that there is at least one spy in the cabinet of the muslim-in-chief? With the number of Communists and Socialist that he has in his current cabinet, Ed Montgomery, Gary Samore, Cass Sunstein … Continue reading

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