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More Words To Us Every Day.

Here is a partial list of some of the new “dirty” words that you can’t write or say because they upset His Poppas Ass nobama and the Department of Homeland Un-Security. Thanks to Animal and Scotty Starnes’s Blog DHS Media … Continue reading

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Airport Scanners Are Safe!

What the hell does this mean? “The Homeland Security Department has completed a review of the Transportation Security Administration’s new airport scanners and says they are “”safe enough, “”according to a report the agency’s inspector general issued Tuesday.” Safe enough … Continue reading

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Time To Spice Up Facebook, Your Blog and Twitter Accounts! Get Read By Big Sister Janet.

According to the British Daily Mail Online and our friend Scotty over at Scotty Starnes’s Blog if you use specific i.e. “sensitive” works in your Facebook or Twitter account, or you blog, chances are you will get hits from the … Continue reading

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