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Hypocritical: PETA!

Hypocritical: Documents: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care Talk about being hypocritical, PETA has to take the cake. These supposed saviors of everything living, including plants are kill dogs and cars right and left. “The … Continue reading

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Kuddos To The Federal Government… Not! I Feel Safer Already!!!

I know I woke up this morning feeling more safe and secure living in America then I have for a long time. All thanks to those hard working employees of Department of Homeland Insecurity. Why you are asking yourself? Because … Continue reading

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What About The Majorities Rights?

Have any of these asshole judges ever read the Constitution? What part don’t they understand? Perhaps some of the words are too big for their simpleton minds to understand. The Liberal Progressives continue erode the basic foundation of Our Country. … Continue reading

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